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Meet the team: Maria Luz. The Supply Chain data expert!


According to you, what is Supply Chain? 

I heard somewhere that Supply chain acts as a lubricant, ensuring that all the components of the system are working together smoothly and efficiently, with minimum friction and waste. 
In my opinion this analogy is apt but does not fully capture the active role that supply chain management can and should play in optimizing operations and improving business performance. In addition to minimizing friction and ensuring smooth operations, supply chain management can help to identify opportunities for cost savings, process improvements, and innovation. Thus, an effective supply chain is not just a passive lubricant but an active driver of business success. 


If you had to describe Supply Chain Operations in three words… 

Responsiveness Experience Customer-focused



What were the major milestones and the learning you gained from your experience?

I had the opportunity to develop several automation and optimization tools for different companies and each time it was a great experience. Not only from the point of view of the intellectual challenge that it represented, but also for the opportunity to get to know different businesses, to interact with people from various horizons, and above all, for the satisfaction of bringing pragmatic and effective solutions. 



What are the 3 key success factors driving a supply chain project?

  1. An effective and open minded communication and collaboration among all stakeholders;
  2. One single source of consistent data; 
  3. Effective risk management strategies. 


Work, life, family, hobbies, etc. What motivates/passionate you outside of your professional life?  

In fact I have the same source of motivation both inside and outside my professional life: challenges. I like to set goals and do my best to achieve them. 


Chinese Portrait 

Maria Luz Chinese Portrait

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