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Meet the team: Julien Belin. The enabler


According to you, what is Supply Chain?

Supply Chain is the function that make happening what other people would say “the product to the customer.”

But a good supply chain is also what will make the right product quality, the customer satisfaction, the best value for money, etc.…

Supply Chain is a profit center for a company and supply chainer is a profession requiring a very specific set of skills.

Integrated process and tools along with the right data and right people is a good qualification for a successful supply chain.


Describe Supply Chain Operations in three words… 




What were the major milestones and the learning you gained from your experience ?

  • Working in different countries with many different nationalities had been a fantastic eye opener, knowing the cultural aspects is very important
  • Working in more than 6 different companies showed me how each supply chain is different and require a tailored approach in its standardization
  • New generations (Y, Z, …)  create different and innovative ways of working and thinking which will drive the future of the supply chain, let’s be ready for that !


What are your 3 key success factors driving a supply chain project ?

  1. Sharing the vision with all the supply chain members.
  2. Empowering the team
  3. Communicating on achievement and successes


Work, life, family, hobbies, etc. What motivates/passionate you outside of your professional life? 

  • Enjoying good time with family and friends, around good food and wine
  • The architecture and interior design
  • The mountain, for all the calm, serenity and beauty it provides.
  • Ski, golf, swimming, circuit racing


Last but not least, how do you stay up-to-date about the industry its challenges/opportunities/evolutions/transformation?

Quite a lot of reads in LinkedIn or article in the web, but probably 70% not directly supply chain related, as it is critical to listen how the expectations from our stakeholders evolve.


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