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Meet the team: Daniel Oertli

According to you, what is Supply Chain? 

Supply Chain essential features are to provide visibility throughout; to foster and strengthen collaboration across entities; and to ensure both information flow harmonization and product flow optimization. As such its raison d’être is to serve customer, that is to know and deliver exactly what, when and how much is wished for.

Supply Chain stands out among many other business functions as the most comprehensive unifying element, from end to end. It is varied to connect all those entities and covers forecasting, distribution and production, planning and execution, inclusive of customer service, sourcing and information systems, while encompassing strategic, tactical and operational dimensions. Supply Chain is restless and evolves constantly, it continuously undertakes to identify, analyze, plan, anticipate and adapt.


Describe Supply Chain Operations in three words… 

Swift Straightforward Steady


What were the major milestones and the learning you gained from your experience?

Major milestones consist of harmonization and deployment of forecasting practice; turning around manufacturing supply to secure continuity of distribution and restore service to customers; providing comprehensive visibility on inventory as a turning point to optimize stock holdings and free up cash.

Key learnings stem from the diversity of experience, first and foremost bringing people together for mutual understanding and effective collaboration; continuously striving for improvement; sustained training initiatives; always preparing for the worst while enjoying the best, and celebrating it.


What are the 3 key success factors driving a supply chain project?

  1. Trust building with stakeholders
  2. Handling complexity both within process and with stakeholders
  3. Permanent positive stance to ensure persistence.


Work, life, family, hobbies, etc. What motivates/passionate you outside of your professional life?  

Family and friends, outdoors and travel, admiring and enjoying nature’s beauty, venturing off beaten tracks, discovering and learning.


Last but not least, how do you stay up-to-date about the industry, its challenges/opportunities/evolutions/transformations? 

Listen, ask, understand, share, exchange, with peers as well as across functions and industries, and also imagine the unexpected and the unconventional.


Chinese Portrait 

Daniel Oertli Chinese Portrait


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