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Classifying and Scoring Risks. Developing Supply Chain Resilience, part IV.

Developing and strengthening supply chain resilience require risk governance based on both qualitative and quantitative assessments.


Classify risks : arrange, organize and group exposure areas and vulnerabilities, such as their nature, customer segment or value. As disruption may challenge rhythm of operations, classification would improve understanding of priorities.


Grade exposure : assessing severity of exposure with a scale charting and ranking intensity or timing would provide insight in resource allocation to react to vulnerability when occurring.


Quantify impact : determining the magnitude of possible disruptions together with exposure ranking would fine tune targeted strategies to mitigate risks effectively.


Evaluate repeatedly : renewing appraisal ensures that risk profile evolve along threats. This would involve classifying risks, ranking exposure and quantifying impact.


Supply chain management emerges as the orchestrator within business if it were harmonious melodies.


Supply chain becomes resilient while transforming sources of business disruption into opportunities for development, improvement and growth. It embraces evolving paradigm through an agile supply chain.




Do you need an external eye on your Supply Chain risks?