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Building a Supply Chain in Europe: Tax considerations | Webinar

What are the key Tax considerations for a Life Sciences company?

How do they change accros the different life stage:

  • Early stage focussing on R&D
  • Moving into Clinical stage
  • And for Commercial Operations

When designing a Commercial Supply Chain, what are the key Tax considerations?


PrimeTax and Supply Chain Operations have addressed those questions in a webinar session held on July 6th 2023.


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During the Q&A, the following questions were asked to the panel:

  1. At which stage is it best to start thinking of tax optimized Supply Chain?
  2. When considering Switzerland for the principal company, what are the main opportunities and challenges?
  3. What are the tax reasons for NewCo to establish LRD's in certain countries?
  4. Do you have recommandations in terms of Fiscal Representation when registering in the EU for distribution (3PL)?
  5. Is there any exposure to permanent establishment when doing value added services (repacking, labeling, kitting) at the EU warehouse? 


Watch the webinar!


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Laurent Foetisch

Managing Director, Supply Chain Operations

Laurent has extensive experience as an end-to-end supply chain executive responsible for managing a global bio- pharmaceutical company in Switzerland for more than 20 years. In 2007 Laurent managed the supply chain integration between Merck KGaA and Serono with the responsibility to create one central supply chain structure using common processes and tools. The integration program, guided by the principle “one face in front of our customers” was successfully completed in 2010 while harmonizing all planning, customer service and distribution processes. Since 2011, Laurent has successfully developed Supply Chain Operations SA, a boutique consulting firm dedicated and focused on supply chain management within the life sciences sector.

Tim Foetisch

VP Business Development, Supply Chain Operations

After almost a decade in the Logistics Management within a large Luxury Group, Tim joined Supply Chain Operations SA to offer his experience and outlook on Logistics and Sustainable Operations. Tim started his career at Richemont to complete his managerial internship from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. While enjoying this first experience, Tim built knowhow and rapidly moved within the organization. A first operational management experience started as Team Leader role managing the European distribution of the Group. While learning in his first managerial role, Tim began working on Logistics projects for the organization leading to a Project Manager role within 2 years. Thanks to his strong involvement and organizational “curiosity”, he took over the position of Business Partner Manager focusing on aligning the ambitions and priorities between the Logistics of the Group, its Maisons and others internal stakeholders. Before joining Supply Chain Operations, Tim oversaw the Logistics Network of the Richemont Group as well as the design and implementation of a Sustainability program for its end-to-end Logistics. Within SCO, Tim has contributed to several Pharma Supply Chain assessments and led a GDP transformation journey for a Pharma Transport company.
Christoph Drexl

Christoph Drexl

Partner Indirect Tax, PrimeTax

Christoph has been advising clients on all aspects of indirect taxation for more than 10 years. After passing his bar exam, he started his career in the VAT and customs department of a Big4 firm in Germany before moving to the Zurich office. After working in the London office and a one year secondment as an internal VAT expert for a Swiss energy provider, Christoph was given the opportunity to set up a VAT department for the Big4 firm in Zug. Since joining PrimeTax, Christoph has been heading the VAT department there. In addition to national VAT, Christoph's focus is on advising on complex international supply chains. He has successfully managed numerous projects in this area.

Dominic Nazareno

Dominic Nazareno

Partner Direct Tax, PrimeTax

Dominic has been advising clients on all aspects of corporate tax for over 15 years. After working as a corporate tax commissioner at the tax administration of the Canton of Bern, he advised for an international accounting and consulting firm in the corporate tax area with a focus on tax accounting & risk advisory services. After joining PrimeTax AG he advises on national and international corporate tax issues, restructurings, acquisitions and mergers of various medium and large companies, as well as on international relocation projects and cross-border activities of listed and unlisted companies.