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Unlocking the potential of collaborative partnering. Demand planning, part I.

Collaboration through demand planning provides many advantages for any business looking for enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations.


Cultivating communication and coordination

Across the end-to-end supply chain, many stakeholders benefit from improved communication and collaboration, from suppliers, through manufacturers and distributors, to retailers. With regular dialogue and market performance review critical information flows effectively and easily. Fact based and quick decision making takes place and fosters cross-functional collaboration, which thrives through S&OP Sales and Operations Planning. In turn companies can respond to fluctuations of demand, while overcoming possible exposure to inventory shortage or excess.


Strengthening partnerships

Businesses align objectives with joint planning and decision among supply chain stakeholders. Having a common purpose and building trust will strengthen partnerships. It will abate sources of conflicts and misunderstandings, all the while addressing opportunities and answer to challenges. Agile and responsive supply chain will increase its resilience and capability to adapt to market forces.


Improving continuously

From learning continuously both from errors and successes collaborative demand planning stimulates a culture of discovery, experimentation and improvement. Sharing common practices among partners and benchmarking against best in class on sales forecasts, inventory levels and market insights leverage new approaches and technologies to meet ever evolving customer demand. It develops ever more so considering financial perspectives such as valuation through IBP Integrated Business Planning.


Unlocking the potential of collaborative partnering

Partnering collaboratively provides visibility ahead, especially when agility to adapt and supply biotech drug products to market demand at short notice, say in a weekly rhythm, contrast with longer term commitment, say in monthly rhythm within bioreactor cultures.

Partnering collaboratively entices to streamline allocation of resources, say cash tied into inventory and thus managing tradeoffs.

Cultivating communication and coordination, strengthening partnerships and improving continuously will enhance business agility, responsiveness and ultimately competitiveness. As entry point for supply chain, demand planning is the key to unlocking collaboration potential.